Cultural-Linguistic Globalization in the European Space

AuthorSebastian Chirimbu
PositionSpiru Haret University, Department of Specialized Languages
Spiru Haret University,
Europe is a reality not
contemporary European area is
occurring in the economic fiel
countries worldwide throu
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borders), in linguistics, glo baliz
and needs of society communic
globalization can be fully unde
perspective. At the same time,
experience and aff
ect the way we
culture and cultural practices are
cultural dimension o
symbolic rendition of the wor
translate the exper
(Lucian Blaga`s view in the pape
considering the determination or
elements, in whole or prosecutio
other h
and, represents all the ma
needed to communicate these val
For over 10,000 years, mankind
inheritance, we can benefit from
inner values, such as, inter alia,
among individuals
approaching th
things beyond appearances, to sh
of identity that the individual liv
philosophical and spiritual and p
should be the XXI century. Fro
multiculturalism, global culture w
the products of human activity an
Strict boundaries between countr
taking into account the issues
returned to themselves.
Nations h
identity"; this phenomenon is be
Globalization an
guistic Globalization in the European S
Chirimbu Sebastian
partment of Specialized Languages, sebastian_chiri
not only in economic and political terms mainly. The
impact o
is a contested subject in political debates, media or academ
ield with multiple meanings (the increase in economic in
increasing volume and variety of good s and services tra
lization i llustrates a particular facet o f the relatio nship betwe
nication. The impressive contemporary trans
formation proce
nderstood only if read in a cultural key, only if analyzed
e, the multiple transformations modify the very structure
we understand culture in the modern world. Globalization is th
re the core of globalization.
n of globalization
; language; identity; life style;
European Unio
orld, a reading of existence, an interpretation of
ymbolic languages …it is a possible definition for
The Trilogy of Culture
).Globalization, as defin
or production on a global scale, meeting in an in
tion of a problem given the universal nature of thi
material and spiritual values created by humankind
values.When we speak of culture we think about m
ind has left us an important legacy.
If we adju
m the experience they treasure. A genuine culture l
ia, order, justice, truth, equality, honor and freedo
g them. The man assumed the human condition wh
show imagination, to compare and create symbols
lives of our century, culture creates new dime
d prepare younger generations to consciously build
rom the dream of total culture, the world awake
e wi
thout any cultural tradition. When we speak of
and living for perfection.
ntries have made to define them only in relation to
and concepts beyond. So many cultures have ap
s have always stubbornly to keep the specifics, or
becoming more varied threat of globalization, a ph
and Cultural Diversity
n Space
t of globalization on
emically. Although
interdependence of
transactions across
tween the dynamics
cesses triggered by
ed from a cultural
ture of the cultural
s the core of modern
of the world, a way to
for the term “c
fined in dictionaries, is
increasingly disparate
things. Culture, on the
ind and the institutions
meaning, value, norm.
djust and animate this
re leads to flourish true
edom, values of nature
when it was able to see
ols. Faced with a crisis
sions of social, moral,
uild effective and what
akens to the reality of
of culture we mean all
to themselves, without
appeared closed, only
or better said, "cultural
on that will

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