Coordinates of romanian sustainable development

AuthorViorel Cornescu - Vladimir-Codrin Ionescu
PositionProfessor, Ph.D., 'Nicolae Titulescu' University of Bucharest - Associate Professor, Ph.D., Faculty of Business and Administration, University of Bucharest, Romania
194 Lex ET Scientia. Economics Series
LESIJ NO. XIX, VOL. 2/2012
Vladimir-Codrin IONESCU
Strategic objective of macroeconomic management, sustainable development implies the
identification of an interaction space between economic, social, environmental and technological
systems, in a dynamic and flexible process of functioning. Starting from fundamental macroeconomic
principles, the paper synthesizes relevant aspects concerning planning, as main instrument of
macroeconomic management and macroeconomic modelling, as a basis of substantiating
development strategies. Likewise, the paper presents a mix of politics which operationalization could
register Romania on sustainable development coordinates.
Keywords: sustainable development, macroeconomic management, planning,
macroeconomic modelling, strategic objectives, development politics.
1. Introduction
Romania has come, over the passed few years, an ample and complex process of systemic
transformation, of legal, institutional and organizational frame readjustment, having strategic
objectives in settling a democratic system and building a functional, modern and competitive
economy. Economy reforming took place by a compacting process of structures, of resources control,
privatization and economic sectors restructuration, of ensuring a balanced and predictable business
In implementation of structural reformation, Romania permanently benefits of support and
consultancy from European Union and international financial institution (World Bank, International
Monetary Fund, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and so on), by multiannual
reforming programmes of public administration, law and budgetary systems, of privatization support,
bank and state enterprises restructuring, improvement of business environment, assistance in
preparation for integrating in economic and institutional structures of European Union.[1]
The National Strategic Reference Framework 2007/2013 (CSNR), approved by European
Committee in 2007, establishes intervention priorities of Structural Instruments of European Union1.
Likewise, CSNR connects between priorities of National Development Plan 2007 – 2013 and those
of European Union, established by Community Strategic Orientation concerning Cohesion and by
revised Lisbon Strategy[7].
European Commission has allocated Romania, for 2007-2013, a total amount of
approximately 19,67 billion euro, from which 19, 21 billion for Convergence ob jective and 0, 46
billion for European Territorial Cooperation objective. Reforming and Convergence programme
answer the accomplishment efforts of convergence targets by defining direction of action at national
level for subscribing to politics objectives and European strategies.
Professor, Ph.D., “Nicolae Titulescu” University of Bucharest, (e-mail:
∗∗Associate Professor, Ph.D., Faculty of Business and Administration, University of Bucharest, Romania,
1 European Fund of Regional Development, Social European Fun and Cohesion Fund

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