Cooperation between member states and Europol

AuthorBogdan Bîrzu
Cooperation between member states and Europol
Assistant professor Bogdan BÎRZU1
Within this study, we have examined the way in which the Europol national units
were regulated in the European normative act and the regulation of the two forms of
judicial assistance in criminal matters, namely joint investigation teams and liaison
officers. The research also included the way in which the Romania n legislator transposed
into its internal law the provisions of the European legislative act. Another subject of the
research was the formulation of critical views and de lege ferenda proposals, both for the
European and for the Romanian law. The novelty elements that are promoted through this
study aim both at examining the Europ ean legal instrument, the way it is transposed into
the Romanian law, as well as the critical opinions and de lege ferenda proposals,
proposing to contribute to the improvement of the European and Romanian normative
system in this domain. The present study should b e viewed as a follow-up to the one
previously published, completing the examination of this European institution with a key
role in preventing and combating transnational crime at European level. The work may be
useful for students and master students of law faculties, practitioners in the field, as well as
the European and Romanian leg islators in terms of amending and completing the current
legislative system.
Keywords: joint in vestigation teams; liaison officers; Europ ol national units;
European Union.
JEL Classification: K14; K33
1. Introduction
In the 1/2017 issue of the Juridical Tribune Tribuna Juridica Journal we
have published the study entitled “Europol objectives and tasks in the construction
of the European Union. Some critical opinions and proposals”, where we have
highlight the importance of Europol in preventing and combating cross-border
crime in the European Union, insisting on presenting the objectives and attributions
of this European institution.2
1 Bogdan Bîrzu Titu Maiorescu University of Bucharest, Romania,
2 Bogdan Birzu, Europol objectives and tasks in the construction of the European Union. S ome
critical opinions and proposals, Juridical Tribune Tribuna Juridica”, volume 7, issue 1, June
2017, pp. 157-166.

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