Contract for award in free usage (commodatum) of a public property asset

Author:Catalin-Silviu Sararu
Position:Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Law Department
Contract for award in free usage (commodatum)
of a public property asset
Lecturer PhD Ctlin-SilviuăSRARU
According to ar t. 136 para . (4) of the Constitution Revised Public proper ty can be
given free use of p ublic institutions. Note that cur rently in Romania there is no framework
law governing the award procedure for free use, rules of use of the asset, end use and the
settlement of disputes. Article makes proposals for the regulation of some aspects of the
content of the contract a war d free use of public proper ty.
Keywords: public pr operty, good, free use, public utility institution, a dministrative
JEL Classification: K23
1. Introductory notions
Contract for award in free usage (commodatum) of a public property asset
is the contract concluded in written form whereby the public authority exercising
the general administration of the public assets (government, county council, local
council) or, where appropriate, the public institution/self-managed public company
exercising the concrete administration of the public assets transmits over a given
period, to an institution of public utility the right to use a public asset/some public
assets, free of charge, under the terms established by law and the constitutive act2.
The right to use free of charge is governed by art. 136 para. (4) of the
revised Constitution, art. 866, 874 and 875 of the Civil Code and art. 124 of the
Law on local public administration no. 215/20013 (if awarded the free of charge
use of a local public asset).
2. Contractual terms
2.1. The Contracting Parties
According to art. 874 para. (3) Civil Code in conjunction with Art. 867, the
right of free use is established by Government, county council or, where
appropriate, local council decision4. Based on this decision the parties will
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