Constructivist Pedagogy and Alternative Teaching Methods for Intercultural Education

AuthorRamona Lupu - Alina Anghel - Marian Vilciu
PositionAssistant Professor, PhD, Valahia University of Târgoviste - Senior Lecturer, PhD, Valahia University of Târgoviste, Romania - Professor, PhD, Valahia University of Târgoviste, Romania
Globalization and Cultural Diversity
Constructivist Pedagogy and Alternative Teaching Methods
for Intercultural Education
Ramona Lupu
1, Alina Anghel2, Marian Vîlciu3
Abstract: Our research proposes to underline the role of the constructivist pedagogy in the formative
accomplishing of the intercultural education objectives, starting from the premise that the intuitive learning
and the use of active-participative teachin g-learning methods cover in a greater m  
cognitive, affective and psychomotor dimensions. The research design is made up of: 2 homogenous lots of
intentionality composed of 70 and 60 students. There were used quantitative and qualitative research
methods: structured questionnaire, semi-structured interview, focus-group method, evaluative techniques and
statistics appli ed on a 2 years period. The discovery theory applied in teaching and learning increases the
acknowledgement degree regarding the existence of ethnic groups and possible discriminatory actions; the
mediator role assumed by the professor stimulates the formation and sedimentation of attitudes envisaged by
the intercultural education, respecting with great fidelity the principle of conscious appropriation of
know             
efficaciousness at this discipline and in the same time of their enthusiasm; the principles underlined by the
constructivist pedagogy apply with great success in intercultural education.
Keywords: intercultural education; constructivist pedagogy; intuitive learning; discovery learning theory;
formative evaluation
1. Constructivist Pedagogy and its Importance for Intercultural Education
By constructivist pedagogy we understand a theory of scientific knowledge that can be applied at the
underlines the importance of individual knowledge, of intuitive acknowledgement of facts, which
afterwards are to be discussed, negotiated, generalized, build in a personal frame of understanding,
            
exploration, collaboration, comparisons of ideas, the obtaining of ideas consensus and, eventually,
generalization and synthesis. It is a continuous process, at first subjective and socio-culturally
influenced, and understanding is experiential, inductive, intuitive, based on multiple representation
pp. 7-8).
In the modern mentality the dialogue, the social interactions, the need to communicate and exchange
ideas are key values which also reflect in modern school we are not referring only to the dialogue
between the professor and the students and between students, the class being, after all, a place of
human encounter, but also to the dialogue in teaching and learning. Disciplines like Intercultural
Education are transforming students not only on cognitive level, but also, and especially on affective
1 Assistant Professor, PhD,   Address:      Romania, Tel.: +40
0245 206101/ fax + 40 0245 217 692. Corresponding author:
2 Senior Lecturer, PhD,  Romania, Address:  Ro mania, Tel.:
+40 0245 206101/ fax + 40 0245 217 692. E-mail:
3 Professor, PhD, Valah  Romania, Address:     Romania, Tel.: +40
0245 206101/ fax + 40 0245 217 692. E-mail:

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