Comparative Analysis of Organizational Structures in Industrial Management

AuthorDaniel Furcila
PositionFree International University of Moldova
Free Internat
Successful realization
quality of her preparatio n and pr
of pro cess of mo nitoring of her
management of the industrial ente
use as bases of construction of sy
industrial manageme
Analysis of organizational struc
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in management theory are analyze
To make the classification of o
ion criterion. It recomm
After the external appearan
Depending on the type of f
After the degree of
After the degree of comple
The level of detail and leve
Based on identified criteria, are fo
Classification of the organiza
Administrative Mono (pyram
performer has a manager directly
operate on a permanent basis, th
Administrative Police (matrix)
matrix) differs from previous on
which has direct
management of p
Performance and Risks in the
parative Analysis of Organizational
uctures in Industrial Management
Daniel Furcilă
national University of Moldova,
tion of industrial strategy of the industrial enterprise is dete
presence of the detailed plan of realization, but also the effec
her r ealization.
In ar ticle various classifications of
nterprises are considered, comparative
which economic analysi
f system of monitoring of an
economic status of
the industrial en
ment; organizational structures;
industrial enterprise
tructure management operation of any industrial
e thorough and lengt
hy. In order to simplify its org
yzed two types of organizational structures: basic an
f organizational structures of management, first
mmends the following criteria for the classificati
rance of the hierarchy;
f fragmentation of the organization into department
evel of response to the external environment.
e formed following classifications:
izational structures of the external ap
pearance of
amid). Mono administrative hierarchy, it is char
tly. Sometimes it is permitted to have some functio
at a performer can not change leaders.
ix). Administrative police management organizat
ones in that final performers always have at least
of permanent or temporary.
the European Economy
etermined not o nly
zational structures of
lysis will allow their
ial undertaking, either
organizational structure
c and classic.
rst of all, the selected
ation of organizational
e of the hierarchy
haracteristic that each
tional managers, but all
zational structures (eg,
st two leaders, each of

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