Cloning and Penal Limitations of Scientific Experiment

AuthorCiasc Rustin
PositionJudge, President of the Caras-Severin Court, PhD Candidate, Faculty of Law and Administrative Sciences, West University of Timisoara, Romania
Abstract: Human cloning is one
legal level. In this article, I will p
substantiation of forbidding hum
human being is a threat to t
predetermining the human genet
by transforming the human bein
that the national legislation prov
other countries, this article prese
Keywords: human cloning; bioe
Cloning human beings is se
modern science is facing,
political decisions point
phenomenon is the basis o
place at the molecular bio
control of human evolution
the possibility to develop
forms…being necessary to
the reserve that there is the
(Harris, 2003, p. 14).
Human cloning is creating
of an individual that has
Judge, Pr esident of the Caraş-
Sciences, West University of Tim
592 111. Corresponding author:
IS DANUBIUS Vol. 10, no. 1/20
Cloning and Penal Limitations of Scient
Rustin-Petru CIASC1
one of the matters that have been broa dly discussed at a scientif
will present the worldwide relevant aspects as regards this. The bioe
uman cloning is made, first, by the fact that the artificial clonin
o the human identity because it endangers the protection a
netic constitution by a third party; the human dignity is thus endan
eing into an object by artificial cloning. Given the insufficient cov
ovides to this topic, according to the legisl ative experience belong
esents some legislative proposals in or der to fill in at least partially
ioethical; stem cells; reproduction; therapeutic
s seen as representing not just one of the great problem
ng, but also as a controversial aspect from legislative
nt of view. It is deemed by some authors that
is of a new scientific revolution, a revolution that t
biology and genetics level that will allow the deviation
ution in an unprecedented manner. This revolution will
lop some new life forms that will order all existing
to introduce some changes at the human being level,
the risk for the future result to be worse than it should
ing a human being starting with the entire genetic mat
has been already conceived. Such a concept could
aş-Severin Cour t, PhD Candidate, Faculty of Law and Administ
Timisoara, Romania, Plautius Andronescu Str., Timisoara. Tel.: +
AUDJ, vol. 10, no. 1/2014, pp.
no. 1/2014
tific and
ning of a
a gainst
nging to
ally such
ems the
ive and
hat the
at takes
ion and
ill give
ting life
el, with
hould be.”
ould be
: +40256
p. 16-27

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