Challenges of Labour Market within World?s Crisis

AuthorCatalin Huidumac, Silvia Olaru, Silvia Elena Cristache, Valentin Sorin Popescu, Lavinia Stefania Totan
Challenges of Labour Market within World’s Crisis
Cătălin Huidumac1, Silvia Olaru2, Silvia Elena Cristache3, Valentin Sorin Popescu4,
Lavinia Ştefania Ţoţan5
1Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, catalin
2“Spiru Haret”, University, Bucharest,
3Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest,
4Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest
5Academy of Economic Studies,
Abstract. This paper tries to analyse the linkages between higher educational supply and labour
market demands in Romania, in the context of these developments. The research is o riented especially
on higher education because in a knowledge-based economy the future jobs will be associated with
knowledge and information.
Key words: labour market, educational supply, labour demand
With the mass education, the educational requirements have been less controlled by the state because they
are addressed primarily to individuals, companies, NGOs and public institutions. It clearly goes to the
university supported integrally by the state, at the university able to create and manage their own financing
sources, and, also, to ensure their independence and autonomy of the university.
The state will participate in financing education less, returning entities listed this task. Training in the
tertiary level becomes a good for consumption. Universities have changed their philosophy, mission,
structures, rules and, last but not least, the technology and the methodology for teaching because the state,
economic organizations, public institutions and universities have realized that education lasts throughout
life, is a modality of linking with the dynamic world of today.
William K. Cummings says that "among the factors that eroded the stability of modern institutions, we can
include new environmental and economic context known as" the winner takes all ". "As the modern state
disappeared, just disappeared and its various institutions created for the modern citizen, including the
providing of the public education and the social security’s network of the welfare state"
First, we will present the actual situation of students and graduates from universities on regional level.

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