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AuthorAndreea Seucan
PositionBucharest University of Economic Studies, Departament of Law
Essentials of Business Law. Fifth Edition- Ewan Macintyre
Assistant professor Andreea SEUCAN
The presentation focuses on the main subjects approach ed by the author in his
book, the method of presentation and its use by students and professionals.
Keywords: Themes, presentation method, use
JEL Classification: K22
The book, called „Essentials of Business Law. Fifth Edition”, by Ewan
Macintyre, published by Pearson Education Limited 2015, presents the most
important legal aspects of English business law in the field of contract law,
company law, employment law and criminal law.
It is structured in 17 parts:
1. The legal system
2. Making a contract
3. The terms of the contract
4. Misrepresentation, mistake, duress and illegality
5. Discharge of contracts and remedies for breach
6. Agency
7. The Sale of Goods act 1979
8. The tort of negligence
9. Nuisance, trepass, defamation and vicarious liability
10. Companies (1): Characteristics and formation
11. Companies (2): Management, control and winding up
12. Partnership, limited liability partnership and choice of legal statuts
13. Employment (1): The contract of employment, employment rights and
14. Employment (2): Discrimination and health and safety
15. Regulation of business by the criminal law
16. Credit transactions and intellectual property rights
17. The resolution of business disputes.
From our point of view, it addresses the main subjects of interest related to
business law for all types of students, with special focus on non-law students. At
the same time, it provides the necessary information for people trying to familiarize
Andreea Seucan - Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Departament of Law,

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