Aspects on Media Self Regulation Reflected in the Activity of Romanian Journalists

AuthorDaniela Aurelia Popa
European Integration -
Reflected i
Danubius Univer
sity of Galati,
The media organizat
understand the importance of i
research in incipient stage that
alternative to the efforts o f enac
will be accomplished through the
Romanian journalistic culture an
of such important self regulatio
solving c
ases of norms contained
will represent a viable solution
assumption of media responsibili
Keywords: ethics;
Theoretical Frame
enterprises have
invested and are
public profess
ions, the responsib
deployment f
their profession and
accusation public.
es and Perspectives
on Media Self Regulation
the Activity o
f Romanian Journalis
Popa Daniela Aurelia
ti, Faculty of Comm
ucation Sciences, daniela.popa@
zations in Romania,
reticent to the idea to constraint the pr
f implementing a system of media responsibility. Therefore
hat begins with the identification of the initiatives
of med
acting press in Romania. The identification of the self regul
the description of the context of development of the media res
and by underlining the self regulation initiatives. For the delin
tion initiatives, the activity of an ethical instance is necess
ned by the new deontological code. The establishment of such
on for the development of a more ethical professional enviro
bility for
the adhesion to quality journalistic standards.
cal code
; responsibility; media organizations
embers of associations, syndicates or just emplo
are still investing their trust and respect in deontolo
rnative to the state law but also a form of coagulat
alues not only for the good deve
lopment of their pr
etween people everywhere (Runcan, 1998, p.210).
s was the responsible professional act. In journalism
sible act, coherent with an ethical model, is always
rferences (Runcan, 1998, p.7). The voluntary and c
ss media environment to adhere to
the common jou
the appearance of the concept of self regulation. Se
fied where the journalists come together to form c
nd to be certain that these rules are being respected
has its origins in the United States and began togeth
o define their own code of conduct, whose me
lf definition rules. Whoever did not respect those ru
ere sanctions such as the exclusion as well as the s
press freedom, manage to
ore, the present study is a
edia self regulation as an
ulating system in Romania
responsibility syst
em in the
elineation and establishment
essary, for the defense and
uch an instance in Romania
ironment that confirms the
ployees of some press
logical codes seeing in
lation for people of the
profession but also for
0). At the base of these
lism, as well as in other
ays threat by structural
d concentrated effort of
ournalistic standards of
Self regulation or mass
conduct rules for the
ether with the intention
bers became only those
rules willingly was not
e sanction to make the

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