Management approaches in terms economics as both fraudulent and the economic theory of vision criminal law

AuthorTitus Serediuc
PositionAssociate Professor
Associate Professor Titus SEREDIUC
The e volution of the economy as a whole on the general and partic ular , can take place only under a
judicious administration of heritage a ssets in service and / or maintaining var ious public or private entities (in many
cases in - connection of the two forms of property) as a positive policy which recognizes that power. Economic
management act positively is beneficial a nd can be seen as such by the results obtained in - a certain per iod of time,
but can be damaging, if not done professionally and responsibly may result in the latter case production which may
take forms of criminal damage. On this issue this material deta iling theoretica l and practical a spects that may occur
and which are required to be given appropriate solutions.
Keywords: dynamic balance, coordinated financial, input strea ms
JEL Classification: K14
I. Management issues economic and its alteration in rural criminal
Economic environment as a whole, can not be conceived without the existence of at least
two coordinates, conservation or efficient management of the property (assets), product, or
service even gave over to the use and storage of natural or legal persons in the context of positive
order the right to a sound administration. Alteration that good, damage, destruction or loss of
specific legislation are sanctioned events and the elements of ethics and moral justice, inseparable
from human being.
The economic dimension of conservation is not a good subject matter of this material, we
will not elaborate, but it must make some clarifications:- Management of property preservation
activity, product or service, is ubiquitous throughout the business tier and- Human and material
conservation effort a good product or economic nature involves a cost and cost elements of the
that is required to be set on a real and who has provided such a business and you are entitled to
assign benefits (in cash or kind) to the extent that cost, regardless of value at a time that the good
or product that it - had to conservation or. Economic management, seen in - a broad perspective,
as an essential coordinated environmental and economic culture it is specific activity in the
sphere of production of material goods and services provided primarily aimed at obtaining at
least a minimum profit once in advance or covered by revenues, expenditures judiciously made
for obtaining good service.
Management is in - overwhelmingly economic in origin - financial, related to the nature
of human thought and practice, the frame is exceeded believe that we - to do with the climax and
abnormal phenomena related to atypical areas and no interest great. Doctrine defines economic
management - financial as that dynamic balance - positive input from all flows of raw materials,
services and outputs occurred, quantitative, qualitative ... necessarily measurable value -
pecuniary. We speak of economic management when income received (and certainly collectible)
fully cover all expenses paid, in - a period of time and an efficient economic management is
when earnings exceed a specified above - a higher proportion higher or lower spending levels in
the context of the above play. Moreover, management concerns and adopted decisions, actions
and acts heritage management implications that entity or in whole, or separately - to find that
special treatment of assets and liabilities management, treasury management activity that
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