Applied Sciences Approaches in Higher Education Institution in Kosovo

AuthorMeha Arbresha
PositionUniversity of Applied Science in Ferizaj, Kosovo
ISSN: 2067 9211 Miscellaneous
Applied Sciences Approaches in Higher
Education Institution in Kosovo
Meha Arbresha1
Abstract: In a fast-changing global economy where the path to employability and competitiveness is
determined by the ability to a pply know-how knowledges and skills, a closer cooperation between
education providers and businesses is inevitable in order to have employment growth and economic
development. Study programmes that are focused on applied sciences and interlink they curricula with
labor market, and orientated toward practice and cooperation with the industry, prepares students to faster
enter in the market and as such increases employment of graduates. Education with applied science
approaches focuses on development and strengthening of students’ skills, research, innovation, and
knowledge the way the economy functions, the demands of the market and steps for creation of values. In
Kosovo, programmes with applied study approaches, have not been very common, and currently there is
only the University of Applied Sciences in Ferizaj (UASF), as a public university that offers applied study
programmes, whereas at the University of Prishtina (UP) there are some individual i nitiatives with the
focus on applied sciences.
Keywords: education; applied science; employability; businesses; industry; labor market; knowledge;
1. Introduction
Education is the basis for development of human capital and strengthening personal development.
Education enhances the lives of individuals and improves the society as a whole, (Baum, Ma & Payea,
2013), it supports individuals to develop communications, leadership, decision taking, creativity, team
working and other skills in order to face the changes of the world, and reflect this skills and experiences
to improve employment prospects (Zhou, 2016). ‘Knowledge, skills and competences have to be
maintained and refined in order to keep pace with the constantly changing outside world’ (EHEA
Applied study programmes also include elective courses and programs on entrepreneurship (ta et al.
2016) with a focus on problem-based learning (Tan & Ng, 2006) with students in a centre, and project-
based learning (Jones & English, 2004), by giving students the opportunity t o be engaged directly in
projects. It includes interaction and increase of cooperation between universities and industry for
development of student’s competencies on business approach and business start-up (Guimón, 2013).
1 University of Applied Scie nce i n Fer izaj, Kosovo, Address: St. Univers iteti, Ferizaj, Kosovo, Ferizaj 70000, Tel.: +383 44
160 907, Corresponding author:

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