Analysis of Students Travel Preferences - Which Identity?

AuthorMaria Roxana Dorobantu
PositionConstantin Brancoveanu University of Ramnicu Valcea, Faculty of Management Marketing in Economic Business
European Integration - Rea
Analysis o
f Stud
Constantin Brancoveanu Uni
The main purpose of
order to improve the sit uation a
society and not only, the results
case. I had to consider the finan
qualitative data thro
ugh persona
Economic Business from Ramnic
inventory of all that means touri
have proved it. Tourism is exi
opportunities. The paper highlig
olution of the tourism industry
Keywords: Development;
1. Introduction
The main purpose of this article i
impact on tourism. If
we take in
more complex business, especiall
the background of the actual ec
throughout the country. This stud
of the Faculty of Business Marke
Briefly, tourism may be defined
strongly anchored in social life a
scale and adapted to society’s n
given its appeal to all social cate
and material resources and has an
also on national and internation
Romania is fully suffering the eff
the financial analysts yet. These
and the purpose of this study is t
of students.
es and Perspectives
tudents Travel Preferences
Which Ide
Dorobanţu Maria Roxana
niversity of Ramnicu Valcea, Faculty of Manageme
Economic Business,
of this paper is to show and share the results of the research t
and importance of tourism among students and also
to offer
lts of this achievement.
Was chosed the our country: Romania
ancial crisis in the hope that the results would contribute to m
nal interviews to my students from the Faculty o f Managem
nicu Valcea.
All the theoretical and practical views focus on m
urism, a field that grows each second
and expands.
The result
xisting and viable for them, with important benefits for p
lights the importance of tourism activity, and gives evidenc
nomic crises
; preferences; Romanian tourism; tourism
le is to discuss a very recent subject: the current ec
into account the fact that tourism in Romania has
ially in the past few years, it is interesting to notice h
economic and financial crisis, which has be
tudy intends to investigate the touristic preferences
keting and Management, Univers
ity “Constantin Br
as a socio-
economic phenomenon, specific for
e and, therefore, easily impacted by its evolution.
s needs, tourism stands alone by its unique dynam
ategories and his complex structure, tourism engage
s an important influence on global economy, on soc
ional relat
ions. Global economic crisis gets from
effects of this form of recession, without getting a
se effect
spread towards mostly all branches of c
is to analyze their impact on the touristic preferenc
ement Marketing in
h that were made in
ffer to
the academic
nia and I studied the
to minimize it. I got
ement Marketing in
n making a rigurous
ults of this research
present and future
nce ab out the rapid
economic crisis and its
as become a more and
ce how it will unfold on
un to show its effects
ces among the students
Brîncoveanu”, Vî
or modern civilization,
n. Available on a large
namic natu
re. Besides,
ages large scale human
society’s evolution and
om bad to worse and
a viable solution from
f commercial acti
nces of the targeted lot

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