Analysis Of Party Motives Interested In Iran's Nuclear Program

Author:Mentor Lecaj
Position:AAB College Prishtina, Kosovo
Lecturer Mentor LECAJ1
In order to have a clear overview regarding the Iranian nuclear program, and weather any indication that Iran
has deviated from its peaceful nuclear program, we must investigate Iran's true motive for possessing nuclear weapons.
Analyzing every detail of the reasons and motive of Iran, Iran's covert actions in o ne side and the motive o f the western
countries in another side to accuse Iran of enriching uranium illegally, and after summarizing and analyzing all the
"points", then will be easier to have clear overview o ver suspected Iranian nuclear program. This paper will use the
method of analyzing and comparing the motivation and rea sons pro and contra regarding processing and possession of
nuclear weapons. This scientific article will contribute to clarifying the whole puzzle of the Iranian nuclear crisis, which
itself incorporates different significant factors such as: legal, political, security one.
Keyword: Iran, nuclear weapon, motive, western countries.
JEL Classification: K33
1. Iran's motivation to produce nuclear weapon
To understand whether Iran has deviated from its nuclear program toward building the
nuclear weapons and to consider the possibility of resolving this ongoing international dispute, it is
very necessary to be approached scientifically to this country's motive for possessing nuclear
weapons2. Analyzing this Iranian motive should be in correlation with other states’ motive (NWS -
Nuclear Weapon States - NWS are states consider to be states who have legally tested Nuclear Weapon
before NPT - Nuclear Proliferation Treaty entered in force) which already possessing nuclear weapons
whether they are legally or illegally. As a beginning the opinions of the majorities policy makers
and scholars in this field, who argue a set of reasons that can lead a country to produce or possess
nuclear weapons must be considered. According to them, one of the main reason that most of the
countries wants to be protected from external military threat that threatens its internal and external
security, since it cannot find other alternative means to guarantee its own security3. For example,
one of these countries is considered to be Israel, which wish to achieve its national security by
possessing such weapons (eg. Israel deterrence Arab neighbor countries invasion, considers
developing nuclear weapons as a deterrent and tool that could be used as a ‘last resort’).
Furthermore, NWS are hesitant to disarm or put away nuclear weapon, since they would
lose their national prestige in the international system. This can be proven by mentioning of all
permanent members of the UN Security Council whom are in possession of nuclear weapons. Such
weapons could give more dominant position to a state in the region. Eg. France and the United
Kingdom, having nuclear weapon, are able to guarantee the preservation and growth of influence in
the international system which are considered to be anarchic where the most powerful state
dominates the arena according to the Realism Theory4.
Analyzing and comparing this uncontested motive of the NWS states, we may come to the
same conclusion that states which to possess such weapons - NNWS (Non-Nuclear Weapon State)
are increasing of their prestige.
Another factor that states may tend to produce or possess the weapon of mass destruction
(WMD) it is keeping the influence of political leaders, who, for internal political reasons, tend to
1 Mentor Lecaj - AAB College Prishtina, Kosovo,
2 Sherrill, Clifton W., Why Iran Wants the Bomb and What It Means for Us Policy , Nonproliferation Review, Vol. 19,
No. 1, March 2012, p. 21.
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