Comparative administrative law issues regarding central and local government

Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies
Publication date:


The purpose of this book is to study comparative administrative law in the main EU states and the United States of America and Canada and then to provide proposals for the modernization of Romanian public administration in order to increase administrative convergence and to better meet the needs of citizens. In this book, the author aims to realize a dynamic approach by looking at the contemporary challenges and perspectives of the future of the contemporary administrations and on the other hand the modifications to be made at the level of the Romanian administrative law to increase the degree of convergence. The basic institutional values ??at European and global level (functionality, transparency, predictability, accountability, adaptability, efficiency, subsidiarity) must also be implemented within the Romanian public administration at all levels and must be protected by the public authorities empowered by the legislation in force to monitor and control this process of adaptation to the requirements of the European Administrative Space and Global Administrative Law. The book Comparative administrative law issues regarding central and local government is a very useful material for students, master students, doctoral students, teachers, researchers and practitioners in the legal and administrative sciences (advocates, solicitors, notaries, referees, judges, civil servants, officials etc.) and generally for all those interested in the administrative phenomenon.

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