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  • The Conditions of the Documents (Contracts) on an Unopened Heritage

    Inheritance agreements have been defined in reference books as those contracts concluded between two or more successors or third parties intended to govern definitively and in advance, one or more successions still unopened, or those conventions through which possible rights over an unopened legacy are totally or partly assigned. The reason to ban legal documents (contracts) on an unopened legacy concerns several aspects. Thus, it was initially argued that the basis of this ban would be one of legislative policy, but also a moral problem because these acts contravene the rules of social coexistence since they may trigger in the contracting party's mind the desire for the death of the one who bequeaths.

  • The Romanian Mayor - Present and Future Image

    Starting from the legislative aspects regarding the function of mayor, a five category scale was drawn (honesty and ethics, incorruptibility, competence, transparency and efficiency) and used within the communicational content of three daily newspapers ("Libertatea", Jurnalul National, Adevarul). The research emphasized the manner in which the image of Romanian mayor’s dimensions are being presented by written media and highlighted which are the specificities when it comes to presenting each of the features according to the corresponding newspaper’s nature. The data analysis led to the conclusion that the image of Romanian mayor is reflected by the written media is highly negative and implies three dimensions with great visibility.

  • The Investigation Methodology in Tax Evasion Offenses. Amendments Brought by the New Code of Criminal Procedure

    The issue of tax evasion is now a constant concern of all countries in the world, being regulated differently in relation to the financial and economic implications, the way in which they were committed, the principles underlying the fiscal policy of the authorities or of the investigative methodology. In terms of investigating crimes of evasion, it must be said that the method is specific to the investigation of financial and economic crimes in general, with some specific issues related to the elements of the tax evasion offense. Changing the criminal procedural law in February 2014 also brought changes in the running of the criminal investigation, in the prosecution, namely in the trial phase, changes which were felt in the case of tax evasion offenses.

  • Statistical Weight of the Entertainment Programs in Romanian TV

    In the recent years, a series of studies on the evaluation of television content were published. The results lead to a multitude of health consequences including on a psychological and educational level. This paper investigates the Romanian entertainment domination, the producers being interested in public attraction and sensitive to their needs.

  • The Transparency and Integrity of the Capital Market in Romania

    Capital market regulations at EU level are focused on applying and compliance of the Member States with the principles of investors’ protection on the capital market, as a practical and effective measure for increasing the credibility in the public eye of the investment transactions on the capital market, to stimulate resources available through the capitalization of financial instruments on the market and therefore to ensure the capital flow on the market in correct, real and equitable conditions for all the participants, so that the price on the capital market be subject to the natural rule of supply and demand.

  • The New Concepts Shaping the Marketing Communication Strategies of Museums

    Museums play an important role in promotion of the tourism industries and creating local jobs. Being related with the consumption of the people’s leisure time, museums should build marketing communication strategies inspired by the successful activities adopted by other entertainment industries and learning institutions competing for the same people’s attention and interest. The aim of all visitor-oriented approaches is to produce an immersive visitor experience and that can be created by using ICTs technologies, creative ideas from digital games and gamification techniques that proved to be successful in other domains. For promoting museums as attractive destinations, guerilla marketing campaigns have become options that museums should consider.

  • Elements of Comparative Law Regarding the Protection of Securities under Criminal Law

    The advantages of investing the available money resources through financial instruments, capital market transactions, are speculated by the companies that need funding and who propose potential investors several types of securities, and not infrequently, the capital market participants turn to various methods in order to influence the investment decision, methods that violate the prudential or conduct rules laid down at the market level through the regulatory framework. Given the importance of the principle of investor protection, the national laws of EU Member States and the Community regulatory framework for securities do not exclude, on the contrary, ascertain the right to criminalize the deeds that affect securities and transactions.

  • The Legal Time of Conception - Its Influence on the Child's Paternity and his/her Recognized Rights

    Establishing the legal time of conception is important both for establishing the paternity of a child inside marriage and outside of marriage and for the child rights to be recognised from the moment of his conception, as a component of his early capacity of use. This is the reason why the legislator’s intervention is essential in securing the legal time of conception. It is admitted that, by scientific evidence, the presumption of paternity, which has a relative character, can be inverted, meaning to prove the child’s conception within a certain period of the time stipulated by the legal text, or even outside this interval.

  • Theoretical Considerations on the Concept of Part in Context- Civil Code

    The subjects of law, bound by substantive law relationships, enter into new relationships of a procedural type, from creditors or debtors they become plaintiffs or defendants and together with the plan of substantive civil law relationships in this context the plan/level of civil procedural relationships also emerges. In this context, we will examine the concept of "parties", trying to define it and to determine the theoretical and practical interest of this approach.

  • Amasya Province in the Centre of Advanced Learning of Vocational Maturity Levels of Students According to Different Variables

    Choice of profession is a decision which has deep impact on our overall life. Therefore, it is vitally important to make the right decision when we are choosing our profession. The aim of the present study is to investigate vocational maturity of high school students according to different variables. The universe of the research was consisted of high schools in the Amasya City; while the research sample was consisted of 225 students; 110 females and 115 males from 9 different types of high school. The research was relied on "Vocational Maturity Scale" developed by Kuzgun and Bacanli (1996). In data analyses, descriptive statistic methods, t-test and ANOVA were used. At the end of the research, after investigating high school students based on different variables, it was concluded that t...

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