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  • Postmodernism and educational style. Clarifying discussions

    In the context of all the changes that we feel so acute, from societal level to the individual one, a fresh and updated conception of what education means today is required. Those who offer education (schools, teachers, and mentors) have to respond to the demands imposed by contemporary life, marked by increasing globalization and diversity, conflict and instability, etc. It is natural to believe and to promote the idea that postmodernization of the school (an idea that is not exactly new) will bring about those fundamental changes in the teachers' conceptions and, changes that are so expected and even urgent. This idea of post-modernization of the school will facilitate the resuscitation of education, considered so necessary in the conditions in which the confusion and lability of the system are "insight". This paper proposes two analyses. First, one of the elements that characterize post-modern education. The second analysis captures specific aspects of the dynamics of the structural elements of the educational style, considered a possible revitalizing factor of the educational phenomenon

  • Approaches to aesthetics: postmodernism

    These article aims to provide the postmodernist point of view on aesthetics. Nowadays a work of art can no longer be defined within an aesthetical discipline. Aesthetics itself as a discipline is contested, starting from the assumption that it is a form of metaphysical thinking that sees, in the appearance of things, the manifestation of a normative spirit. The postmodern condition of art would relate first to the emancipation from the main narrative discourse of modern legitimising: aesthetics

  • Child abuse in igboland of nigeria: context and characteristics

    Igboland is located in south-eastern Nigeria and the inhabitants are known for the love they have for children. These children depend on their parents, teachers and extended families for both their physical and psychological well-being. The interaction that the children have with their parents and others influences their physical, emotional, social and intellectual development. Some parents with the intention of teaching values, beliefs, attitudes end up abusing them because of the type of disciplinary methods that they apply. In Igboland, some parents and those who are in charge of children find it hard to detect and identify child abuse and its characteristics. Most of the children who are abused in Igboland display some of the characteristics that are discussed in this work. This paper will help parents and the society to watch for red flags

  • Plagiarism, a widespread contemporary problem

    Student plagiarism has been a well-known issue for the academic world over the last years. This study highlights the way that this issue is addressed in the literature of the last two decades: the extent of the phenomenon; the different perspectives on it; the solutions identified; and the relation between student plagiarism and the Internet. The study also contains a few remarks regarding these approaches and signals a possible supplementary cause for the propensity of students for plagiarism, namely encouraging pupils in pre-academic education to draw up school projects using information available online

  • Pilot study concerning school maladjustment in secondary and high school cycles
  • Co-cultural reflections on the (un)sustainability of a decentralized wastewater treatment system for the urban poor in petojo utara, Jakarta

    Clean water is a basic human need whose existence is getting smaller so that various water management efforts are needed, including from wastewater. DEWATS stands for is a decentralized wastewater treatment system. Three aspects must be considered when planning health facility provisions in urban areas, specifically: physical aspects related to the quality of the physical facilities, like the maintenance of the water supply and sanitation activities; social and institutional aspects related to the ability and willingness of the community to carry out the operations and maintenance of water supply and sanitation; and health and environmental aspects

  • Psychodiagnosis of motivational factors in organization

    The didactic profession, a standard of individual value, is in the last years perceived as a safe but poorly paid profession, on the other hand as a profession that proves passion, love for the younger generation. The increasing number of labor conflicts generated by wage grievances in the Romanian state education system has raised a growing number of questions about the equity of salary but especially about the optimal amount that would satisfy the teachers' wishes. The research carried out during the first months of the 2017-2018 school year at Miron Costin High School in Iasi aimed at diagnosing the motivational factors that underlie the satisfaction and dissatisfaction with work, a motivational psychodiagnosis among primary and gymnasium teachers

  • The social worker-client relationship: difficulties and solutions
  • The influence of the feuerstein method in the psychological development of preschool children

    Orientated by the new development directions of the education system and the concepts and didactics of the instrumental enrichment program - Basic, we intend to investigate the possibilities to increase the effectiveness of cognitive functions in order to Mental development of preschool children as a result of training aimed at optimizing individuality and positively influencing personality. The pre-school period constitutes a period of utmost importance in the life of the individual. Here the child appropriates the most important psychobehavioral characteristics, completes the preparation for the school. In order to avoid the exclusion of vulnerable categories of children from the educational system and to give them opportunities for social adaptation, Professor Feuerstein elaborated the theory of "the mediated teaching" and operationalized it to serve educational practice in a So-called "instrumental Enrichment Program" (Instrumental Enrichment, IE), which directly targets certain cognitive functions often deficient in people with learning difficulties: the ability to compare structures, search Analogies and differences, modeling capacity and concretization, generalization capacity

  • Concept variations on destination, place and nation marketing and branding

    This study presents the theoretical perspectives found in various specialized literature regarding the dynamics of branding forms. At the same time, the main principles that were the basis of the research development in the field of place branding, from the international scientific flow and from Romania are presented. Terms such as ‘place marketing' and ‘place branding' are examined, while also appreciating the occurrence of variations of the terms such as ‘city branding', ‘region branding' or ‘country branding' and, from the analysis of tourism studies and marketing on vacations, the term ‘destination branding'

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