Administrative law in Romania

Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies
Publication date:


This book aims to provide an overview of the administrative law in Romania, emphasizing its particularities in comparative law and the changes that have occurred, as a result of integration into the European Union. Administrative law is the branch of law that includes the legal norms that regulate the social relations regarding the organization, activity, control and responsibility of the public administration, based on and in the application of the law. The book analyzes the organization and functioning of the institutions that make up the public administration in Romania, the means of action (the administrative act, the administrative contract, the administrative operations), the material means (the goods in the public domain) and the personnel (public function) at its disposal. This volume is aimed at practitioners, researchers, students and PhD candidates in juridical and administrative sciences, who are interested in recent developments and prospects for development in the field of administrative law and public administration at international and national level.

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