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EIRP proceedings containing the works of the International Conference on European Integration - Realities and Perspectives, bring together all the submitted and presented contributions, providing a conclusive and accessible view to all who wish to feel the beat of research. You will have direct access to a focused group of key people working and researching in the area. The conference is international, offering to researchers the opportunity of showing their works across the world.

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  • Developing a better interaction between citizens and the municipality - Study case

    Understanding citizen online goals is critical because it gets at the heart of what the public institution web site should or could "do". The challenge is that for most agencies/institutions, there are likely to be multiple goals that represent the "reason why" citizen could come to the web site. Unfortunately many public institution feel that it should have an online presence only, so, many web sites are created to offer a little more than online reproductions of its services. The purpose of this article is to provide an example of a public institution Web site, developed for a better interaction with citizens so that they may add value to their Web site. This article shows the initiative of the Brasov City Hall (central Romania) to develop an online technical dispatcher. The project i...

  • Education Regarding Ethics in the Accounting Profession - a Literature Review

    The objective of this paper is to group authors from the specialty literature which approach education regarding ethics in the accounting profession in currents of thought, intrinsic and extrinsic in order to offer a view on current theories regarding ethics education in the accounting profession and the ways to improve it. In order to achieve this article’s objective we used conceptual content analysis through a positive approach. The research involved the analysis of recent and representative articles indexed in international databases with the purpose of identifying trends and authors which contributed actively on our theme or research. A trend towards "extrinsic" visions can be seen with: enforcing the legislation of the profession, modifying the curriculum, putting the accent on th...

  • EU Funding for 2014-2020 - Upcoming Opportunities and Challenges

    The new philosophy of community development under the aegis of Europe 2020 strategy requires increased coordination and better interconnection between European financial instruments available for 2014-2020 programming period. The desire of the EU to be cohesive and unitary face a large spectrum of complex and correlated challenges such as: globalization; climate change; technological transformation; aging and demographic change and etcetera. These challenges together with the polyvalence of the integration process (deepening - widening - enlargement) determines the orientation of European Structural and Investment funds to integrated, multi-sectorial and multi-dimensional solutions. In this context, in order to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of European policies, the review, ...

  • The Reform in the Administrative System, Aspects of Progress or Form of Discrimination of the Public Officer?

    The current social, economic and political status determined the issue of O.U.G 74/13 which regards some measures for improvement and re-organization of the activity of National Agency of Fiscal Administration, also for modification and completion of some legal acts and of H.G 520/2013 regarding organization and operation of National Agency of Fiscal Administration, legal acts which even if they are suppose to reform the administrative system, they reflect some problems regarding the legality of the release from the office of the public clerks, this measure being applied arbitrarily and discretionary, violating at the same time the right to work of the public clerks. The present work analyses some aspects regarding the legality of applying two legal acts issued by the Government, which ...

  • Insights into the Ukrainian Crisis

    Political crises are increasingly frequent and devastating not only for the population of a state, but also for the international diplomacy. Such an example is the ongoing Ukrainian crisis. Starting from S. Fink‘s life cycle of a crisis and T.W. Coombs‘s crisis response strategies, I will analyse the evolution of the Ukrainian crisis and the crisis response strategies of three major international actors: Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama and Angela Merkel. The findings of my study will prove that the denial strategy prevails in Putin‘s statement, whereas Obama uses the diminish strategy and Merkel focuses on the bolstering strategy.

  • Puppets and Puppeteers

    Manipulation. A word with such a special echo that exceeds the boundaries of semantics, creating rumor and scenarios which are more or less whimsical, with a pregnant whiff of conspiration. Passing through the scientific-psychological essential aspects, we reach the coup de grace: from the manipulation of the masses, through the culture of mediocrity, to the much debated manipulation through the use of mass media. We do not strictly treat the psychology of large groups, neglecting the individual. Thus, we will tangentially walk the path of Intelligence. How are these strings pulled? Who are the puppeteers and how can we become them?.

  • The Transfer of State Sovereignty: Analysis of Constitutional Change in Macedonia during the EU Accession Process

    This paper will focus on the need for constitutional changes, and what states must do as a result of their accession to the European Union (EU), according to the rules for admission. Each country has to decide for itself how to identify or create a constitutional basis for membership, limiting its own sovereignty by authorizing the application of sources of EU law within its own legal system. This means the overall preparation for accession and membership, i.e. a provision permitting the transfer of sovereign powers to the EU. So while Macedonia has been a candidate-country for EU membership since 2005, it is logical to analyze the need for the changes to be made, as well as further activities of the state in the process of euro-integration. Since EU membership requires a number of chan...

  • European certificate of succession-necessity or opportunity

    This paper aims at analyzing the chosen theme to all intents and purposes, yet emphasizing the extent of harmonization between national rules and EU regulations. The paper is based on the expertise in succession field, national and European notary regulations and also on the few published works within the field. Practical appearances noticed during the succession procedure containing a foreign element and the research in this field of interest were approached. The paper draws attention upon the possibility of the European Union residents to make succession arrangements beforehand and it determines that European law efficiently guarantees the rights of the inheritors, legatees and succession creditors. The object of this paper, yet of little repute within the national professional litera...

  • From Accountability to Self-Regulation in Romanian Media

    The present study is based on results dissemination for one of the four indicators (Background, Accountability, Solidarity and Efficiency) interpreted in the qualitative analysis of media self-regulatory system in Romania. The importance of this research topic for both practitioners and researchers in the field, lies in the fact that media self-regulation is a relatively new process, which has not yet reached the collective consciousness of Romanian society. This approach of the accountability indicator aims to obtain an overview of professional responsibility (an important pillar of media self-regulation) in order to create a development framework for a definition of media self-regulation, respectively to discover the relevance of this system implementation in Romania. The qualitative ...

  • Historical and Contemporary Aspects of the Market for the Cargo Traffic carried on the Romanian Ports

    We hereby try to approach some aspects about the port traffic, analyzing this activity from the marketing point of view, on the one side, and looking at the ports as entities which represented real emblems, symbols of economic and social development, cities like Galati, Braila, Tulcea, being zones which were wholly identified with the port activity, on the other side. This analysis is necessary in the context of the favorable geographical placement of Romania, which benefits both of the Danube river road, and also the Black Sea. Despite of all these historical and geographic aspects, and also of some directions of developing the commercial Romanian fleet in the past period, the Danube ports are going on a regress stage. In order to catch the now on quantitative and qualitative changes o...

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